buying a home

Short Sales


Want to steal a house in today’s weak housing market? Bring lots of paperwork and plenty of patience.

Millions of desperate homeowners nationwide are under water on their homes, owing the bank more than their properties are worth. But rather then go into a foreclosure that could ruin their credit rating, many are doing what’s called a short sale, and working with their lender to sell at a loss.  read more »

Home is Where the Equity Is


The memory of the recession might be fresh but people are ready to move on; by moving in.

Hanley wood is the country’s leading research company for the housing and construction industries. Recently they interviewed more than 3,000 home owners and renters across the country for their housing 360 survey. They found that the majority of people feel it is a good time to buy a home. And of the people surveyed 19% of renters and 29% of homeowners hope to purchase a home in the next two years.  read more »

A Cheap Move


It’s a buyer’s market in real estate. But snapping up a new home could still cost you more than you bargained for.

If you’re ready to make a real estate move MSN Real Estate has a few ideas on cutting down your costs. Moving experts say when it comes to relocating people get panicked and disorganized and the impact will be felt in your wallet.  read more »