Business Stays At Home


Business travelers now have a lot more options in choosing where to rest their weary heads.

There was a time when your choices for overnight lodging on a business trip were limited to commercial hotels. You could stay at a big chain with all the amenities or save your company money by staying at a more modest establishment. Now you can stay at a home while away from home.

According to The New York Times, many business travelers are now using Airbnb and other home sharing services such as Home Away over conventional hotels. Where once Airbnb and others just targeted tourists on a budget, they have now signed agreements with major firms such as American Express Business Travel, hoping to target the lucrative business segment looking for a better price and a touch of home.  read more »

Podcast: The Business of Politics

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Your best opportunity; might be a stopportunity.

Dr. Joelle Jay is the author of “The Inner Edge: The Ten Practices of Personal Leadership.” A book that provides tips on taking control of your career and one downfall you do every day; multitasking.

Dr. Jay says by constantly changing focus, people are losing focus. Add to that the number of technological interruptions we face and the brain is close to giving up on the will to concentrate. She says multitasking requires us to lose time and the mental edge it takes to complete the task at hand. And you aren’t the only one who will suffer.  read more »

They Did What?


It's been a year of scandals, surprises and historical moments but what would 2009 have been without a little stupidity?  read more »

The Game of Life


Corporate sponsored golf tournaments have been criticized by some politicians claiming it's not the proper use of stockholder money in these bad economic times. But defenders say such bogie comments are not up to par.

During a recent LPGA tournament at Blackhawk Country Club in California, I spoke with Acting Commissioner Marsha Evans about corporate sponsorships on the ladies tour. Evans says political pressure to end expensive athletic sponsorships is misguided. Such events bring thousands of jobs to local communitites that would not exist without corporate sponsorships. But as a retired U.S. Navy Admiral, she also wants to show young women what they can achieve with dedication and hard work.  read more »

Restaurant Survival

In todays weak economy, consumers are cutting back on frills such as eating out. Not good news for restaurants hoping to fill their tables.

At the recent Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival sponsored by American Express I talked with Roy Yamaguchi, Head Chef and Founder of Roy's popular restaurant group about how he views the recession. Yamaguchi says its all about location.

"For us we have locations in a lot of different cities so some of the cities of course have taken a bigger hit than others. For instance in Honolulu our restaurants are still doing quite well but on Maui with the failure of two airlines and the lack of tourism on that island our business is tremendously down."  read more »