Registering For Divorce


It's not uncommon to register for everything you need to start a life together. But a new business venture will allow you to register for your life apart.

British department store Debenhams has created a gift list for anyone going through a divorce. According to the Office for National Statistics 45% of British marriages will end in divorce and Debenhams will make sure you're ready if I do becomes I don't.  read more »

Picking Up Your Tab


Uncorking a bottle of bubbly is a traditional way to bring in the New Year. But in Britain opening one bottle to many is going to cost you.

A report by the right leaning, British group Policy Exchange says excessive drinking on New Year's Eve cost the National Health Service about 23 million pounds. And instead of the government footing the cost, the report says payment should be up to the wayward drunks.  read more »