Musical Money


The Brexit vote is causing concern over the value of the British pound so some people are trying to find other uses for their cash.

Because of concerns about Britain leaving the European Union and what it might mean for the country the pound has been dropping in value. At the time of this story one British pound was worth almost $1.50. Recently the country unveiled a new five pound note that is made out of plastic, lasts longer and is cheaper to produce. It features images of iconic brits including Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill and so far have been pretty popular among the cash carrying public.  read more »

Selfie Stick ban


Packing for your next vacation? There's one item you're going to have to leave behind.

Some of the biggest tourist attractions across the world are banning the ever present “selfie stick.” Designed to make it easier to take your own picture in front of something awesome, the long sticks are becoming a nuisance for everyone around you. Plus people not lucky enough to be in your picture are tired of selfie sticks popping up in the background of their own snapshots.  read more »

The Importance of Facebook


The British can’t get enough of their social networks; even if it means giving up some daily indulgences.

The London Science Museum surveyed 3,000 people to see how they rank the importance of everyday items. At the top of the list is tech's favorite friend, Facebook. In fact the social network is such a necessity it was ranked above modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing, a shower and shoes. But it doesn’t end there. Respondents picked Facebook over public transportation and a national health care service.  read more »

Speeding up the Economy


The British government has a cure for the economic slowdown; and it’s in the fast lane.

The British government is looking to jump into the driver’s seat of the global economy. And to help the country get there; officials are suggesting an increase in the speed limit on motorways. Transport secretary Phillip Hammond says the speed limit is fifty years old and out of date. Hammond says with the recent advances in safety and vehicular technology there’s no reason people can’t drive a little faster.  read more »

Underage Christmas Crackers

Christmas cracker.jpg

Forget alcohol and tobacco, British retailers will now card you for purchasing a little holiday fun.

Christmas crackers are a British holiday tradition involving a tightly wrapped package that two people pull apart. It pops with a bang and inside are little toys and trinkets the person left holding the bigger half gets to keep. But this year you’re going to have to be sixteen years of age or older if you plan on cracking anything open.  read more »

Underpaid and Underage


The country might be emerging from a recession, but some British citizens are still feeling the pinch.

According to a new survey the weekly allowance given to kids in Britain is at a seven-year low. A sign that no matter how many of the chores get done, parents are still cutting back on non-essential spending.

The survey conducted by the banking group Halifax interviewed over 1,000 children between the ages of 8 and 15. It found that since last year, the average weekly payout for kids has gone from almost $10 in 2009 to $9.23. This is the lowest paycheck for minors since 2003. And girls are feeling the cutback even more, receiving 6% less than their male peers.  read more »

Suspicious Acts


Britain’s advertising watchdog group is cracking down on a new radio ad, from the police department.

The Advertising Standards Authority says the new anti-terrorist hotline is offensive towards ordinary citizens. The hotline commercial lists examples of suspicious behavior the police department links to terrorism. But at least 18 listeners have already complained saying the commercial could lead to innocent people being targeted and neighbors growing suspicious of each other.

The commercial says “the man at the end of the street likes to keep to himself. He pays with cash because he doesn’t have a bank card and he keeps his curtains closed because his home is on a bus route. This may mean nothing but together could add up to you having suspicions.”  read more »

Protecting the Innocent


If you’re looking for work in a risky industry, Britain is making it hard for you to find out about any potential openings.

A new ban is in effect in Britain for the sex industry. Employers looking to hire lap dancers, strippers or web cam performers can no longer advertise at employment offices. A similar ban had been in place seven years ago but was overturned when the high court agreed with a lingerie retailer that the ban was unlawful. But the government disagrees and is determined to protect the more vulnerable jobseekers from being swayed by the lucrative sex industry.  read more »

The Power of Prayer


Sometimes it’s not about polling numbers, political parties or who gives the best speech. Sometimes the choice of who best to rule the country is in the power of prayer.  read more »

A Sobering Reality


Pub crawlers in Britain are going to have to take it down a notch thanks to some new regulations designed to save the government a little money.

The British government says excessive drinking is costing the country 12 billion pounds a year, so they are introducing some new rules to maintain sobriety. Pubs and clubs will be required to ban drinking games and promotions such as women drink free and all you can drink for ten pounds.  read more »