Bad Tasting Money


Britain's new five pound note is leaving a bad taste in a few wallets.

The new note is made of plastic and is said to be cheaper to make and a lot more durable than the old money. They also have a lot more security features which officials say make them tough to counterfeit. However it contains one unlikely ingredient that has a lot of people demanding an instant halt to production; animal fat.

The Bank of England has confirmed that tallow; which contains animal fat and is used in candles and soap is also used to create the plastic note. And that news is not sitting well with the country's vegans and vegetarians. So an online petition is circulating which was signed by more than thirteen thousand people in less than 24 hours.  read more »

Chocolate Changes


The maker of Toblerone is changing its iconic candy bar and it’s leaving chocolate lovers with a bitter taste.

Toblerone is widening the spaces in its triangle shaped bars which means candy fans are getting ten percent less product for the same price they were paying before. The company says the move is necessary to cope with higher prices for ingredients; but instead of raising the price of the candy bar it opted for the solution of offering up less chocolate.

Customers are not happy with the changes with one person saying the bar used to look like the Swiss Alps but now it’s a bit more like Holland. Others say the candy bar, often linked to travel, is a tradition and the company should find another way to cut back. But the company says no can do.  read more »

Musical Money


The Brexit vote is causing concern over the value of the British pound so some people are trying to find other uses for their cash.

Because of concerns about Britain leaving the European Union and what it might mean for the country the pound has been dropping in value. At the time of this story one British pound was worth almost $1.50. Recently the country unveiled a new five pound note that is made out of plastic, lasts longer and is cheaper to produce. It features images of iconic brits including Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill and so far have been pretty popular among the cash carrying public.  read more »

Plastic Money


Britain's cash is upgrading from paper to plastic.

It's a year of new beginnings for our neighbors across the pond. First England voted to remove itself from the European Union in a move that shocked people across the world. Now they are striking out on their own once again with a revolutionary type of money.

Earlier this week the government unveiled its new five pound bill which is made of plastic and can survive a trip through the spin cycle. Officials say besides being cleaner, safer and stronger than the current paper money it also has the latest security and counterfeit features. But not everything about the new bill is brand new; the portrait on the front is of Winston Churchill, one of the country's hometown heroes.  read more »

The Texit Proposal


While England works out the terms of its separation from the European Union, Texas is hoping to take custody of some of the companies left behind.

Since the Brexit vote Texas governor Greg Abbott has been running digital ads over British websites. The point of the campaign is to urge companies in England to declare independence from higher taxes and move their headquarters to Texas. And that's not the only Texan campaign the Brexit vote is motivating.  read more »

World's Biggest Divorce


The world's most expensive divorce is now official. But the wrangling over the nasty details could take years.

The world witnessed the once unthinkable last week when the British people voted to drop their decades long membership in the European Union. And it was even more shocking because all the pollsters, betting parlors and financial institutions had it so wrong.

Billions were lost in financial markets around the world, and the British pound sunk to levels not seen in decades. Now other countries also upset about too much bureaucratic control from Brussels over their own internal affairs are also making noise about leaving. High taxes and immigration concerns are just two of the items on the divorce docket.  read more »