breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness


It’s breast cancer awareness month and one company is putting the cause front and center.

In a new video by Nestle an actress is equipped with a hidden camera disguised as a button on her bra. Then sporting a low cut shirt she goes about her regular day. In the video a counter keeps a running tally of how many times someone sneaks a peek and is caught by the bra camera.

In all fairness the goods are hard to avoid. The bra she is wearing is hot pink and her shirt is not fully buttoned. And this is not Nestle’s first attempt at pointing this out. Last year it released a video that featured a bra that would send out a tweet whenever it was unclasped.  read more »

Extra Support


One breast cancer charity is getting some extra support.

Last weekend the world’s largest bra was auctioned off. Modeled after a size 34B T-shirt bra, the extra large undergarment is a size 1,360B.

That means if this giant bra was going to be worn by a woman she would need a circumference of about 113 feet, plus a strong backbone. The bra is as big as two tennis courts and weighs as much as 1,800 regular sized bras.

The bra was up for auction on ebay for $800; so far no word on the winning bid. The director of the group leading the auction says the aim was too build awareness for “Wear it Pink Day” as well as raise money for breast cancer awareness.  read more »

Gold Medalist Peggy Flemming Makes Wine For A Good Cause

For one Olympic gold medalist, her latest business venture isn’t just about making money.

Former ice skater Peggy Fleming and her husband, retired dermatologist Greg Jenkins, started their own vineyard 10 years ago. As it flourishes Fleming says they just enjoy making wines that people like. And even though they are still a small boutique winery it’s more important to put out quality wine and experience all the best that wine has to offer.

“We’re making wines that we enjoy and we started out with chardonnay because that’s what we mainly drank back then and now I think the more you get into wine the more your pallet grows and the more different kinds of wines you like.”  read more »