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Super Bowl Scams


Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner and fans aren’t the only ones rolling into town.

With big events and big crowds come scam artists. About one million people are expected to visit the San Francisco bay area and over 70,000 are heading to the big game. So to keep you and your money safe the Better Business Bureau has some tips for everything from ticket scams to rental scams.  read more »

Avoiding the Job Scam


Financial experts and the Federal Reserve say the end is near when it comes to the recession. But millions of people are still looking for work and your job search might be doing you more harm than good.

There are currently 13 states with a double digit unemployment rate. And as these numbers get higher the threat of scams against job seekers also rises. The Better Business Bureau says with so many people out of work scammers have a bigger field of suckers to select from and as a person's financial situtation worsens the bigger a target they become.  read more »