best places to live

Affordable Cities


Fresh out of college and hunting for your first paycheck? Head for Middle America.

For the average millennial the cost of living in areas such as New York or the San Francisco bay area is unaffordable. Rent for a studio apartment is close to three grand and buying a house in a decent area is next to impossible unless you're pushing half a million a year. So to help find your first place to call home Apartment List evaluated the housing and job market of popular metro areas to live and looked at the satisfaction level of residents.  read more »

Starting Over


The severe recession has decimated the retirement funds of many older Americans close to or actually retired. But getting back to work, or finding a new job after being laid off is tough. But if you're up for moving there are some opportunities over the rainbow.

If you're looking for the best place to go for a fresh start, Business Week Magazine has put together a top twenty list to help you out. While no state is completely safe from our economy, several states including Washington, Alaska and Texas are receiving a boost from the military, energy and agricultural sectors. But besides an increase in help wanted signs the list also takes into account crime rates, decent schools and a low cost of living.  read more »

Simply the Best


You might be happy with where you live but did it make the list of the world's best?

According to a Businessweek Report on the Mercer Consultings Annual Quality of Living Survey, Europe is once again at the top of the list of the world's best places to live. The list is composed of two hundred and fifteen countries ranked in order of quality of life, and once again European countries are stacked in the top spots with Vienna, Zurich and Geneva making up the top three.  read more »