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Best Job in the World


You might think you have the best job in the world; but according to experts you probably don't.

Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees can review companies and their management. According to them the best job in America right now is data scientist. Data Science Association founder and President Michael Walker says in the digital age the amount of information out there is only going to grow. And someone needs to take that information, organize it and set up systems to take advantage of what we're learning.  read more »

Aiming For A Job


Looking for a job; there are some industries to set your sights on and others to pass right over.

For the past 18 months new positions have been added to the job market and things such as salaries and unemployment are heading back to pre-recession levels. While this news has many people readying their resumes; things are not always what they seem.  read more »

Love the One You're With


In today’s economy it’s just enough to have a job. But can you imagine being lucky enough to love your job?  read more »