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Airline Quality


The quality of U.S. airlines is improving; but not everyone is getting on board with the new numbers.

Earlier this week the annual report on the quality of U.S. airlines was released by researchers at Wichita State and Embryriddle Aeronautical University. The report stated that airlines are getting better at sticking to their schedules, fewer bags are getting lost and fewer passengers are lodging complaints. But recent events might tell a different story.  read more »

The Airline Industry


Airlines are flying around with problems but passengers are sitting quiet.

A study of the airline industry found that after spiking in 2012 complaints to the government dropped 15% last year. Each month the 15 largest airlines must report to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The most recent information revealed that United Airlines has climbed out of last place in the rate of customer complaints and American Airlines is doing a better job at staying on schedule. And when it came to lost bags and bumping passengers most of the culprits were smaller airlines.  read more »