Brewmaster Class


School is back in session and if you want to keep your students interested; then consider their interests.

University of South Maine Professor Lucille Benedict says she hopes to brew up a packed class schedule by keeping her lesson plans focused on one thing; beer. And considering the diet of most college students revolves around the beverage she might be on to something.

Professor Benedict teaches chemistry and says it can be challenging to keep students interested in the subject so she is starting to use beer as a testing medium. Besides chemistry Professor Benedict also oversees the university's new quality assurance/quality control and research laboratory. Now the lab is partnering with the Maine Brewers Guild to provide testing and training for breweries and brew masters.  read more »



Looking for the perfect gift for the beer drinker on your list? How about their own at home bar?

Johnny Campbell is co-founder of a company called Brewbot. Essentially it is a robot that brews beer using an app that you download from the app store.

"We were making apps for mobile and brewing in our spare time, noticed that brewing was very laborious and thought there had to be an easier way to do it."

I spoke to Campbell about Brewbot at the recent web summit in Dublin, Ireland. he says the robot and software will run you about $3,600. But you're set for life when it comes to enjoying a cold one.  read more »

Will Work for Beer


Hard to find good help these days; maybe you need a different kind of motivation.

According to a BBC report the Dutch government is turning to known alcoholics to help clean garbage off the streets. And they're being paid in beer. For five hours of work people who sign up for trash duty get five cans of beer and a little over $13.

The program is run by the Rainbow Group an organization that helps the homeless, the poor and substance abusers. The woman who runs the program says they have tried everything to get some of these people to quit drinking. She says while this program obviously doesn't help with that it has given them more of a purpose in life. And it's not to bad for the country either.  read more »

Century Old Beer


Wine gets better with age; and at one hundred and seventy years old here’s hoping beer does too.

Finnish researchers say they might be able to recreate beer from the 1840’s; thanks to living bacteria found on a shipwreck. The discovery was made last year in the islands between Finland and Sweden.

The beer has been examined and researchers say while it has not stood the test of time well it has held on to its golden color. Now they are hoping to bring the century old brew back to life. And based on their chemical analysis of the beer this could be possible.

They say they have been able to break most of it down so that a master brewer would be able to create something that closely resembles the original. And they expect people to drink it up.  read more »

Survival Skills


Need to open a bottle of beer; there’s an iPhone for that.

Two Australian entrepreneurs have found a solution to the never-ending quest of finding a bottle opener. Chris Peters and Rob Ward have developed the “Opena.” It’s a hard plastic case that fits over an iPhone and holds a slide out bottle opener.

Peters says it’s a common problem to be at a party without a bottle opener. They figured since people always have their phone with them; why not attach an opener to that.

Their product had to meet three rules; the case had to be slim, the opener could not scratch the phone and the opener had to work without putting pressure on the phone. Once they had a prototype, the testing phase began.  read more »

Binge Reading


Most people don’t hit up the local pub for some quiet reading. But in Hungary, a cold beer mixed with a good book is creating a whole new type of buzz.

Gyopar is a small pub just outside of Budapest where customers can satisfy both the party animal and the intellectual within. Three years ago manager Peter Maurer came up with the idea to create a public library inside his pub. Maurer, a former librarian says they had a lot of unused books and decided not to let them go to waste. So after a friend provided the shelves, the library was up and running with about 1,000 titles ranging from biographies to sports encyclopedias. And no library card necessary, customers just replace whatever they borrow with a book of their own.  read more »

Off the Wagon


If you’re heading to next months’ World Cup in South Africa, it seems you have one less thing to worry about.

South Africa’s biggest beer brewer says fans won’t be faced with empty cups and this year’s tournament because there will be more than enough to go around. South African Breweries is the local provider of global giant SABmiller. The company provides the country with about nine of every ten bottles of beer drunk.  read more »

A Buzzed Atmosphere


Poor wages and not enough vacation time anger most workers. But a limit to on the job drinking is grounds for a strike.  read more »

Sobering Up


You would think that the poor economy and rising unemployment would drive people to drink. But pubs in Ireland are facing a sobering reality to go with their empty bar stools.

A report published earlier this week found that Ireland’s per capita alcohol consumption fell by 9.6% last year and is now 21% below their all time peak. Kieran Tobin, Chairman of the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland says pubs have been closing at the rate of around one a day and 15,000 jobs have been lost in the last 18 months. And people don’t seem to be knocking back a few anytime soon.  read more »

Beer for Big Bucks

Morrillas brew.jpg

While most companies are slashing prices to stay competitive, one Australian brewery is bucking the trend and defying the recession by selling one very high priced beer.

A boutique Australian brewer is launching a vintage stout at the hefty price of $20 dollars a bottle. If you go all out and buy a 24 bottle case of the high end Moorilla’s Moo brew, that will set you back about $480 U-S dollars.  read more »