Big Three CEO’s Grounded


Car manufacturers were hoping their desperate message to Washington politicians in hearings a few weeks ago to pony up billions in bailout money would resonate on Main Street. But most news organizations concentrated on the CEO’s each taking their own private jets to the Washington hearings, a fact not lost on politicians and taxpayers.

So now the CEO’s for all three major U-S automakers drove hybrids as they traveled the 500 miles with hat-in-hand to Washington today to again plead for $34 billion in bailout money from you the taxpayer. I’m sure those highly paid Public Relations folks who should have known there would be flak flying from their first trip, were working overtime to convince their bosses this time around driving would make better sense.  read more »

Bailout giving gamblers chips on Wall Street

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Dr. Paul Good talks about the government bailout just providing another opportunity for gamblers addicted to the action on Wall Street to "get more chips into the game". It is a scathing indictment of a financial system gone wild, and includes his own recommendation. You should never bail out family members who have a gambling problem. So neither should you bail out Wall Street workers who have a gambling problem.