bad resume words

A Ruined Resume


Sometimes words can hurt; especially when they’re on your resume.

Over the past few years employers have read hundreds of resumes from people desperately seeking a paycheck. And by the time they are halfway through the pile there are a few clichés, phrases and words that will do more harm than good.

To help you edit out unnecessary filler interviewed 1,300 managers at companies all across the country. Their feedback became a list of ten words or phrases that you should retire from your resume.  read more »

Resume Saving Words


If you want your resume to make it to the top of the pile; there are some words to edit out.

The competition for a job is tough and it all starts with the resume. Career consultants say if there are words on your resume that don’t pass the “so what anyone can make that claim test” then leave it off. Now is not the time to blend in and play it safe. You should also leave off words that are unsupported claims of greatness such as excellent and effective. Calling yourself an outstanding manager doesn’t make it true for the person reading your resume.  read more »