atlantic city

A New Vegas


Spending your days connected to the latest video game could start paying off.

Nevada is on the edge of what could be a whole new world of casino experiences. It seems the powers that be in Vegas are drawing up arcade style video games that would pay out winnings based on your high score.

The idea is aimed at the generation of people who have been raised on Xbox, PlayStation and apps. Gaming experts say these people don't get much of a thrill sitting at a slot machine or blackjack table. So to bring in the high tech crowd they are looking at games that involve shooting down aliens or mastering the art of war. The higher your final score the more you win.  read more »

Atlantic City Strippers


Atlantic City is losing revenue; and it's fighting back by losing clothes.

Over the past few years the city by the shore has been losing money to casinos in nearby states. It used to pull in about $5.2 billion a year; now that number is down to just over three billion. So to boost the bottom line Atlantic City is opening a strip club inside a casino for the first time since gambling became legal in 1976.

Next month scores; a famous New York strip club becomes part of the Trump Taj Mahal. The $25 million club will feature five VIP rooms, 11 stripper poles and an ultra-VIP room for celebrities and high rollers. The cover charge ranges from $10 to $30 and no cash necessary. Scores will offer diamond dollars which can be charged to credit cards at a 20% mark up.  read more »

A Superficial Jackpot


Playing the slots at one Atlantic City casino could alter more than your bank account.

At the Trump Taj Mahal the unexpected jackpot could include Botox, cheek implants or liposuction. Called the “Trump Taj Mahal Nip, Tuck and Lift” sweepstakes; the winner receives $25,000 towards the plastic surgery of their choice. Players can earn chances to win the knife wielding makeover through the month of October; the grand prize winner will be announced on October 29th at the casino.  read more »

Sexing Up Atlantic City


Atlantic City is hoping to score some more customers and they’re gambling with the idea that sex really does sell.

Gambling in Atlantic City started to take off in 1978. Since then the city has been town over marketing themselves as family friendly or the sin city of the east coast. But lately it seems a direction has been chosen and it’s scantily clad. Blackjack dealers in the casinos are now wearing lingerie, there’s a new million dollar “gentlemen’s club” and soon visitors can enjoy the naked circus.  read more »