asking for a raise

Salary Negotiations


Negotiating for a few extra dollars? Better choose your words carefully.

According to an article on Glassdoor, the key ingredient to a successful salary negotiation is communication. But instead of focusing on the things you should say, Glassdoor has the nine words and phrases you should avoid if you don't want to walk away empty handed.

For example, the phrase “I’m currently making.” In your interview you might be asked how much you make. Experts say answering this puts numbers on the table and makes it hard for you to negotiate later down the line. Instead, and this only works at a new job, say you aren't comfortable sharing your current salary. Tell them that you don't have a specific number in mind and that they know better what your experience can bring the company.  read more »

Asking For a Raise


Looking for a few extra bucks in the bank? Better know the best way to ask.

If you think you deserve a higher salary at your nine to five then you aren't alone. A recent Career Builder survey found that 57% of workers are not happy with how much they're earning. Unfortunately the majority of those same people are also afraid to have the money conversation with their boss. But if you don't ask you definitely won't receive; so MSN Money has a few ways around the awkwardness.  read more »