asiana airlines crash

First Time Fine


A first of its kind fine has now been issued against an airline.

On July 6th Asiana airlines flight 214 clipped a seawall at San Francisco International Airport and crashed. The collision killed three people and injured dozens more. In the days that followed complaints started coming in that the families of the people onboard could not get word about their loved ones.  read more »

Asiana Airlines Crash


New questions are being raised about the plane that crashed at San Francisco international airport in July; including the role the plane's equipment may have played.

Earlier this week an aviation expert involved with the investigation said that a key device that controls a plane's speed may have malfunctioned. That correlates with what one of the three pilots told investigators shortly after the crash. The pilot said he thought the plane's automatic throttle was maintaining speed as they came in to land. Later he discovered it wasn't sending power to the engine.  read more »

Crash Insurance


It's been a week since Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed on landing at San Francisco International Airport. So it's about time for the lawsuits to start flying.

As unpredictable as accidents are, the legal aftermath is totally predictable. There will be legitimate claims for pain and suffering, loss of income and medical bills. There will also unfortunately be a few bogus claims, as some passengers move from fear to greed.

Airlines are required to carry hull and liability insurance. Hull insurance covers the aircraft itself. Since the airplane was totally destroyed the payout will be based on replacement value, taking into account age and hours on the plane.  read more »