Pets for Vets


How do you thank the people who fight to protect your freedom? How about a new best friend to welcome them home.

In 1991 Tony La Russa and his wife founded the Animal Rescue Foundation after a stray cat wandered onto the field while La Russa was manager of the Oakland A's. Then five years ago Tony and Elaine started the vets for pets program.

“We started out, our mission was a single mission, people rescuing animals about year three we decided that a lot of the people just didn't understand the magic of a companion animal so we made a compliment which is animals rescuing people.”  read more »



Everyone needs a little help, even if they can't ask for it.

Tony La Russa is chief baseball analyst for the Arizona Diamondbacks and co-founder of the Animal Rescue Foundation.

“The story begins when I married Elaine and we had been married for a while and we had this incredible love and concern and compassion for animals. There were thousands upon thousands to millions being euthanized because you couldn't find a home and all the public facilities were overwrought and could only do so much.”

In 1990 La Russa was managing the Oakland A's when a stray cat ran out onto the field and hid in the dugout. The next day animal control said they would have to put the cat down because there was no money to shelter it.  read more »

The Golden Years


Every day we work towards retirement, but for some people the golden years need a little more color.

Tony La Russa is a former baseball player and team manager currently serving as executive chief baseball analyst and advisor for Arizona Diamondbacks. He is also the co-founder of the bay area based Animal Rescue Foundation, and technically he's retired.

“I just think it's foolish unless you have something where you're going to retire and get busy doing.”

La Russa says while he has had a lot of success both pre and post retirement, he rode into the hall of fame on the coat tails of other successful people.  read more »