App Security

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Is your favorite gadget loaded down with apps? They might be checking you out even more than you're looking at them.

When Pokémon Go launched, a principal architect at a security firm found that the game accessed all of his Google account information from his email to his photos. Since then Nintendo has released an update that claims to fix the problem but this won't be the last time the latest craze unlocks your phone to wandering eyes.

So to help keep you a little more secure Yahoo Tech is taking a look at how to tell what parts of your accounts an app is able to access. Plus they are giving you step by step instructions on how to shut them down.  read more »

The Push of a Button


There's an app for everything; and now there's a button for those apps.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but in order to get to it you have to turn your phone on, slide some things around and launch the right app. Now one company is cutting that down with a button it calls “Flic.”

Flic is about the size of a quarter and can be assigned to a number of functions. For example if you have a smart home you can push it to dim the lights or launch Netflix. If you're out at night you can use it as a panic button. And according to Wired magazine the company is working to connect Flic with even more apps so you can do all your favorite things without picking up your phone.  read more »



Can’t keep track of information; one company is clearing up your clutter.

“We want to be the definition of what productivity is for modern busy people.”

Phil Libin is CEO of Evernote. A Redwood City, California based business that takes everything from your email, to your personal notes to your pictures and stores them in one place. Libin says most people store information on their laptops or hand held gadgets. But that’s only useful if you enter it into the right place and then you still might forget where you put it. Libin says that practice is outdated and lowers a person’s productivity level.  read more »

Spilling Secrets


Can't keep a secret; now you don't have to.

“Secret” is a new app that allows people to share anonymous messages within their circle of friends. The creators say the idea behind the free app is a sort of public confessional. After joining secret users can instantly connect to contacts in their address books. That means the secrets coming through could be from someone you know.

The creators say that makes their app more compelling and gives users a way to confess things to their friends. And this isn't the only app that allows people to spill what's on their mind. Apps such as Yik Yak, Snapchat and Whisper have all capitalized on people's desire to reveal something.  read more »

Social Apps


Looking for the latest hot spot; there’s an app for that.

Superb is an app that is forcing people away from their screens and out into the real world. It works by showing users a full screen image of venues such as bars, restaurants of hiking trails. A swipe to the right adds that place to the user’s to do list. A swipe to the left indicates they are not interested and tapping the middle button indicates they’ve already been.

The app’s co-founder says it’s all about getting offline and the best way to do that is to know where people want to go. And if you can’t figure out what you feel like doing there’s an app for that too.  read more »

Fifty Billion Downloads


Need an extra $10,000; there’s an app for that.

Apple is approaching a milestone. It has almost reached 50 billion apps downloaded from its app store. And to celebrate the tech powerhouse is rewarding one lucky consumer.

If you happen to be the lucky person that downloads the 50 billionth app Apple will give you an app store gift card worth $10,000. The next 50 downloads after number 50 billion will receive $500 app store gift cards. But before you go crazy with the downloads the contest will only register 25 downloads per account per day; and you have to be at least 13 years old to win.  read more »

Fun in the Sun


Working on your summer tan; there’s an app for that.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect glow or avoiding the sun’s rays altogether your phone can be the key to looking good and staying safe. So if you’re not sure when to re-apply or what sunscreen you should wear has a few ways to keep you and your family protected.  read more »

An Alcoholic Arrangement


Feel like a drink while listening to your favorite song; there’s an app for that.

If you’re ever in search of the perfect alcoholic accompaniment to whatever’s playing in the background then take a sip of Drinkify. The app designed by three music fans allows you to plug in the name of the song you are listening to. It will then tell you which type of cocktail would best compliment the song.

Or if you aren’t sure of the song or are looking for a new tune, plug in the name of a musical artist. The app will then suggest some songs by that person as well as the drinks to accompany them.  read more »

An App for Everything


There’s an app for everything; whether you like it or not.

Fueled by the shocking death of Apple founder Steve Jobs the recently released Apple iPhone 4S is flying off the shelves, selling more than four million units in just three days. And with the phone’s new operating system comes an app called “Find My Friends.” If your friends allow it, your phone will track their locations on a map. The company is advertising this as a great tool to stay in touch and share your location with the people that are important to you.  read more »

Your Time Lapsed Face


Wonder what you’re going to look like ten years from now? A new app is giving you a glimpse into your future.

“Everyday” the new app for the iPhone has become an overnight success because of its ability to time lapse your face. The app is designed so that the user makes a habit of snapping a photo of themselves every day. It even has an alert system to remind you to take the picture because the more photos you have the better your time lapse movie will be. Then the app lines up all the pictures you have taken and with a single click you can watch yourself grow a ponytail or go bald.  read more »