iPad Trouble


Half a million people bought Apple's new iPad within days of its launch. But some potential clients are saying no thanks.

Major universities such as Princeton and George Washington University are experiencing network complications from the handheld devices. Princeton officials say the way the iPad connects to a wireless server causes interference for other devices trying to use the school system. Guy Jones, the Chief Technology Officer at George Washington University says their current system doesn't support the iPad at all. And these American schools aren't alone.  read more »

A Macbook Makeover


Last weekend Apple opened their doors to consumers anxious to get their hands on an iPad. This week Apple is revamping an older product to give it a fighting chance against a younger generation of technology.  read more »

iPad Users Beware


iPad users beware. Apple’s latest gadget has only been on the market a week and security has already been breached.  read more »

The I-Pad Launch


Apple stores are gearing up for this weekend’s launch of the iPad, and you aren’t the only one anxious to get your hands on the latest gadget. Apple store employees have been hard at work training to sell a device they have yet to see.  read more »

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