Inside Steve Jobs


Want to know more about the man behind the tech world’s most popular company; head to the nearest bookstore.

The lead up to any Apple announcement or new gadget never fails to put the tech world on edge. And as exciting as their news always is; the delivery would never be complete without CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs is the face of apple; rumors of his failing health can crash the company stock and one appearance can send revenue through the roof.

And coming this November Apple fans will get an inside look at the man behind every device they own. According to Barnes and Noble the official Steve Jobs biography will be available to purchase on November 21st.  read more »

Richer Than America


Are you in need of a loan? Since Uncle Sam is a little cash strapped these days; maybe it’s time to consider Uncle Steve.

For months Washington has publicly struggled to agree on a debt ceiling. And even though they’ve managed to hammer out a deal, the country is far from financial stability. So the next time you need to borrow a few bucks, consider the company who right now is worth more than the federal government.

According to Apple’s financial records the company has more cash on hand then America does. Their last quarterly report said Apple has $76.4 billion of reserve cash. The Treasury Department on the other hand, is sitting on just $73.7 billion.  read more »

Imposter Apples

fake apple.jpg

Chinese officials are taking a bite out of crime; and it tastes like a rotten apple.

So far five fake apple stores have been located in the southwestern city of Kumming. Two of them have been ordered to shut down and suspend business while they are investigated. Police say they can’t do anything about the other three because they weren’t trying to sell fake apple products.

The discovery comes after an American woman stumbled across one of the fake stores. She took pictures of the store and posted them on her blog. She wrote that they had incorporated every detail of the real Apple stores; including the blue t-shirts employees wear. After that blog appeared more than 300 electronic stores were investigated and the other fake apple spots were found.  read more »

Tracking Technology


Rumors are flying that your favorite handheld gadget is tracking your every move. And now congress is tracking them.

About a week ago reports surfaced that Apple’s iPhone and iPad were tracking your movements. Supposedly the latest operating system is compiling and storing the history of everywhere you go. Apple’s Steve Jobs told the Wall Street Journal it’s never transmitted the precise location of devices to the company, but said the phone’s database does create a list of the cell phone towers and Wi-Fi hot spots you connect with. They do admit there are a few bugs to work out with the new system and that this should be done within a few weeks.  read more »

An Apple Announcement


The rumors are flying and if they’re true; Apple is about to take another bite out of the tech world.

According to Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal in a few days, Apple will hold a media event in San Francisco. And at that event they will unveil the highly anticipated iPad 2.

Citing numerous sources swisher says the event will be held on March 2nd. While the tech powerhouse hasn’t said a word about their latest gadget, tech insiders are buzzing about what to expect. Reports say the new iPad will be thinner and lighter. It will also have at least one camera for video chat, a faster processing system and more memory. There is also chatter that the new iPad will feature a higher quality screen, similar to the one on the iPhone 4.  read more »

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Verizon's New Relationship


To the joy of smart phone users everywhere Verizon has announced it will soon carry the iPhone. But you might not want to break out your wallet just yet.

Admist the excitement of Verizon’s big announcement earlier this week came a few revelations of their new relationship with apple. First, the Verizon iPhone will only work on the 3G network. These phones have data speeds that are much slower than the 4G phone plus you can’t talk and surf the internet at the same time. And rumors are already flying that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 sometime this year. But Verizon might have to wait until the following January to get the updated version giving AT&T a solid head start.  read more »

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Most Admired Companies


The year is winding down and while it's been a tough one for most companies, there are still some clear winners among business people.

Fortune Magazine has compiled its list of the most admired companies as voted upon by various business people. And while it's hard to imagine any fan favorites in this economy, some businesses still managed to impress consumers, even if they had spent most of the year earning negative headlines.  read more »

Your Personal Publication


Have you ever wanted to subscribe to a magazine that caters exclusively to you? Then this app’s for you.

Flipboard is a new application for Apple’s iPad. It takes aspects from your social networking life and compiles them into a magazine format. For example your issue would contain random links from your Facebook or Twitter accounts, status updates from your friends and photos. You can also add sections to your magazine compiled from the tweets of another publication like the New York Times or Huffington Post.  read more »

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Google Earth Goes Underwater

google earth.jpg

Google Earth is going under the sea, and certain smart phone users can take the dive too.

Google Earth 1.1 allows users to head to the ocean floor. And while Google Earth is currently available on both the android and the iPhone, this upgrade is android only. A move some analysts say might sway consumers towards Verizon’s android and away from the Apple powerhouse.  read more »

Four is the Loneliest Number


Apple experienced its most successful product launch with the iPhone 4 but the celebration may be short lived as industry analysts start tossing around the “R” word.

Earlier this week Consumer Reports said it could not recommend Apple’s latest gadget after their tests revealed service concerns while holding the phone a certain way. Now consumers and some analysts think an iPhone recall might be the only way for Apple to save its image.  read more »