A Low Altitude Connections


Flying the friendly skies could get a little more entertaining.

Earlier this week the Federal Aviation Administration announced it was going to explore ways for passengers to use electronic devices during take-offs and landings. The FAA says the first step is to gather all the key players; this includes airlines, aircraft manufacturers, electronics makers and flight attendant unions. Then the group will discuss how to test gadgets such as phones and laptops to see if they are safe for use during critical in-flight moments.  read more »

Apple's New Flavor


The new iPad is here and you’re probably going to want one.

Earlier this week in San Francisco, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPad. Yes it’s simply being called the iPad and despite the same name as the first version the tablet has evolved. As expected the new model has a bigger and brighter display with double the amount of pixels. The new iPad also has more muscle with a processor four times more powerful than the iPad two.  read more »

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Apps for Apes


Apple has a new fan base and it’s a little primitive.

The conservation group Orangutan Outreach is launching a new program called “Apps for Apes.” It will provide orangutans with iPads so they can communicate with each other all over the world using the tablet’s video chat technology.  read more »

Clay iPads


Apple customers in Canada are being duped; by a tablet made of clay.

Two Canadian electronic stores; Best Buy and Future Shop are now investigating a scandal involving iPad 2’s. So far as many as ten of the hand held devices recently sold at the stores were discovered to be made out of modeling clay.

A spokesman for Future Shop says thieves are buying the iPad 2, taking out the device and replacing it with clay. And the fake tablets are the same size and shape as the real deal. Then thieves are re-sealing the original Apple package and returning the box to stores for cash. And like most items the returned iPads are returned to shelves only to be purchased by an unsuspecting consumer.  read more »

Steve Jobs Immortalized

Since his death in October Steve Jobs has been immortalized in many ways; and now he’s being cased it’s in plastic.

If you’re looking to hold on to the Apple CEO forever you just might get your chance. Chinese company “In Icons” is selling a life like action figure of the tech powerhouse. The twelve inch tall figure is set to ship next month and retails for just under one hundred dollars. And you get all the Steve Jobs likeness money can buy.

The figure is wearing Jobs standard uniform of new balance shoes, blue jeans, a black mock turtleneck and silver framed glasses. Then there are the accessories; buyers will also receive extras such as two apples, a belt, and another set of glasses.  read more »

A Dead Battery


Apple is working to squash the bugs that are eating away at the new operating systems battery life.

After a number of complaints from customers Apple released a statement earlier this week about the battery on the ios5 system. This system was released last month for the newest iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. This marks the first time the company has responded to the reported problem. The statement says the company has found some problems with the software system and plan to release an update in the next few weeks.  read more »

An App for Everything


There’s an app for everything; whether you like it or not.

Fueled by the shocking death of Apple founder Steve Jobs the recently released Apple iPhone 4S is flying off the shelves, selling more than four million units in just three days. And with the phone’s new operating system comes an app called “Find My Friends.” If your friends allow it, your phone will track their locations on a map. The company is advertising this as a great tool to stay in touch and share your location with the people that are important to you.  read more »

An Empty Stage


Apple will certainly miss its creator. Steve Jobs will also be sadly missed by his devoted family members, friends, stockholders and consumers who were so profoundly touched by this visionary in so many ways.

In this time of such reflection, allow me to add my own profession. Speaking for the thousands of my colleagues in the business media, we will sorely miss this very public face of a very private person. Perhaps more than the product, it was the person who drove us to dig into everything Apple, looking for a scoop or an exclusive interview.  read more »

An Empty Spotlight


Apple will still be apple without Steve Jobs; but will it taste as sweet?

Apple and its stockholders will miss Steve Jobs. Gadget gurus around the world will miss Steve Jobs. But no one will miss the face of Apple more than me and my colleagues in the media.

Despite being a one-sided love affair the media rarely has a bad word to say against the man who was never quick to grant an interview. When he did they were short and not always sweet. I’ve frequently covered Apple and Steve Jobs during my three plus decades as a business reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  read more »

The New Head Apple


Apple’s core has been shaken; so who is the man stepping up to stabilize the tech powerhouse.

This is not the first time Tim Cook has stepped in to take the reins but when he does little is heard from or about Steve Job’s stunt double. Cook has been working behind the scenes at Apple since he was hired in March of 1998. He has served as Apple’s CEO twice before while Jobs dealt with health issues.  read more »

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