Consumer Electronics Show


The latest gadgets just wrapped up their big Las Vegas Show.

This past week the Consumer Electronics Show was once again a big hit. Hailed as the biggest trade show in the country, this was the year of the television. All the big brands were there trying to convince buyers to do away with HDTV’s and make room for ultra HDTV’s.

But it might not be enough to bring in crowds. According to tech blogs the show suffered because it highlighted items such as desktop computers and camcorders.

But these days, most people are drawn to gadgets that do everything such as smartphones and handheld tablets. Unfortunately for CES the show has yet to embrace the trend and offer items people want.  read more »

Vanishing Products


The year is coming to an end; and a few of your favorite products are leaving with it.

It might be time to stock up on some of your must have gadgets because in a few days they could disappear from store shelves. Whether it’s from faulty parts or poor sales numbers a yahoo tech blog has put together a list of items set to expire.  read more »

Lost in Australia

Apple is still sending people in the wrong direction and they’re being left high and dry in some bad locations.

Police in southeastern Australia have contacted the Silicon Valley powerhouse after a handful of tourists became stranded in a national park. They say the travelers were trying to get to the town of Mildura. Instead Apple maps directed them to an untouched area of Murray Sunset park.

Police say people were stuck in the snake infested desert in the blazing heat for hours. In some cases travelers had to make do without food or water until rescued. Police say people were too afraid to get out of their cars and start walking after spotting snakes, foxes and other breeds of wildlife.  read more »

The Mini iPad


Get ready to line up; another Apple event is just around the corner.

Apple is hosting an event in San Francisco on October 23 and analysts are expecting another big product announcement. Fresh off the heels of the iPhone 5 this big unveil will most likely be the mini iPad.

For months people have been predicting that the tech powerhouse will release a smaller, less costly version of the tablet to take on competing devices. These include Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7.

Both of those devices have 7 inch screens and sell for just under $200. One Wall Street analyst says he has already had the chance to test out the mini iPad. He says it is 7.85 inches and offers customers a more mobile experience.  read more »

A Bumpy Road


Apple is heading in a new direction with their maps app.

Since the iPhone 5 was launched on the eager audience complaints have come rolling in about the maps feature. These included things such as melted bridges, closed restaurants and farms being listed as airports. Even CEO Tim Cook admitted the blunder issuing an apology to loyal Apple fans and promising a quick solution.

And to find that solution the company is looking to its blue shirted hourly employees. According to a new report from Mac Rumors multiple Apple stores are devoting forty staff hours per week to fixing the maps problem. This means teams of employees will be hitting the streets double checking the apps accuracy and making sure the burger restaurant it says is on the corner isn't really a bank.  read more »

Apple Related Crime


It seems the big apple is not very apple friendly.

According to a New York City daily web-blog; the city’s police department is reporting a spike in Apple product related crime. Police say over the last year crimes involving Apple have increased by more than 40%. A rate that is ten times larger than the overall crime increase which stands at just 4%.

New York police attribute the spree to the soaring popularity of Apple products and the recent release of the iPhone 5. Sneaking up behind someone and stealing their new phone is more appealing to law breaking citizens then standing in line and paying full price.  read more »

An Apple Shortage

iPhone Design.jpg

The iPhone 5 is launching all over the world and demand is taking a huge bite of supply.

Since hitting store shelves Apple has sold more than five million iPhone 5 smartphones. But while that’s good news for the company’s bottom line it could be bad news for consumers anxiously awaiting their latest gadget.  read more »

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The iPhone 5


It’s official; the iPhone 5 has arrived.

Earlier this week Apple introduced what it’s calling its smartest, lightest smart-phone ever. After weeks of hinting at the big reveal Apple is delivering a phone they say is everything consumers want it to be.

The phone will run on a higher speed network and is made entirely from glass and aluminum. It features a large four inch screen that displays five rows of icons on the sharpest resolution ever. The phone’s network is called the A6 and is twice as fast as the previous generation. Topping off the latest gadget is three microphones and an eight megapixel camera.

Tim Cook; Apple’s new CEO calls the new iPhone an absolute jewel. Cook says it is the most beautiful product the company has ever made.  read more »

Facebook's New Friend


Facebook is losing friends on the stock market; now it’s hoping a slice of Apple will change that.

Since it went public Facebook’s stock has dropped to under $30 a share. This is down almost 25% from its initial public offering. So to help give the social site a boost apple is building Facebook into its iPhone and iPad software. The announcement was made earlier this week at the Apple developer’s conference in San Francisco.

With the next version of this software users will be able to update their Facebook friends on their every move by talking directly to their phones. The new operating system will also allow people to “like” various movies and apps in the iTunes store.  read more »

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A Piece of Apple


Everyone wants a piece of Apple and the perks are rolling in.

These days it’s not just customers that are willing to spend time and money for everything Apple has to offer. Now cities are jumping on the fruit flavored bandwagon. In order to convince the company to move into a neighborhood cities are offering Apple sweet heart deals that range from free rent to prime locations.  read more »