Hacking Your Fingerprint


The latest iPhone is out and hackers are taking on its new security feature based on the one thing you leave everywhere you go.

Security researcher Nick Depetrillo and Robert David Graham have created a website called “” It's a site designed to raise money for the first person to hack the latest Apple technology.

The newest iPhone, the iPhone 5S comes with a feature that requires your fingerprint to unlock the phone. The website's reward will go to the first person that creates a video showing them lifting a fingerprint from any surface, reproducing it and using it to unlock the owner of that's fingerprint's phone.  read more »

The Trouble With Texting


The world is at our fingertips; and you might need to censor them.

With all the handheld gadgets on the market everything we need to get through the day is only the swipe of a screen away. If necessary the business of the world could be conducted with hardly any human contact. But when does too much technology become too much technology?

Experts say while it saves us time it also causes trouble; especially when it comes to everyone's daily habit of texting. And while it might be your favorite way to pass a message; there are some things better said in person or at least on the phone.  read more »

The Christmas Season


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas; even in September.

We're a few months from the holiday season but some of the biggest electronics companies want their gadgets to appear on your shopping lists. So far we've seen the introduction of new iPhones that come in different colors, new video game players and competition is heating up among developers of smartwatches.

Samsung is releasing its $300 Galaxy Gear. The watch can be linked wirelessly to newer Samsung phones and tablets and allows you to do everything from checking your email to making phone calls all from the device worn on your wrist. The watch will be available in a few weeks in six different colors.  read more »

Apple's Golden Ticket


Apple is working on a new flavor and it’s not sitting well with the target audience.

According to its supply source in Taiwan Apple's new iPhone will come cloaked in gold. The Silicon Valley powerhouse has yet to comment; but experts say with China expected to overtake India as the world's biggest gold consumer this new option is clearly aimed at the Far East.

Unfortunately they might not be buying it; literally. Shoppers at an Apple store in Beijing say gold should not be coupled with what they consider the pinnacle of modern technology. They say they are more concerned with screen size and operating system then color.  read more »

The iWatch


The iWatch is on its way; and it's coming just in time for Apple.

The latest iWatch rumor is that Apple has filed a trademark for the gadget in Japan. Of course the tech powerhouse isn't commenting but bloggers predict the iWatch could make an appearance on store shelves early next year. And the latest product could be necessary to save the company.

Bloggers say that despite having one of the most valuable stocks on the market investors are not impressed. Last week it closed below 400 which means over the past nine months it has lost almost half its value. A surprising slump considering it just held its annual worldwide developer conference and introduced a new operating system and MacBook Air.  read more »

A Home Grown Phone

moto x.jpg

A new smartphone is making its U.S. debut and some assembly is required.

Motorola recently announced its opening a facility in Texas to manufacture; the Moto X, the first smartphone ever assembled in the country. Motorola says the factory will create 2,000 jobs and it has already started the hiring process.

Texas governor Rick Perry is on board saying the announcement is great news for the state. He says it's not surprise big companies are drawn to Texas for its healthy economy, low taxes and fair legal system.

The factory itself will be run by a Singapore based company with a long standing relationship with Motorola. And the manufacturing move back here to the U.S. is being picked up by another major company.  read more »

Fifty Billion Downloads


Need an extra $10,000; there’s an app for that.

Apple is approaching a milestone. It has almost reached 50 billion apps downloaded from its app store. And to celebrate the tech powerhouse is rewarding one lucky consumer.

If you happen to be the lucky person that downloads the 50 billionth app Apple will give you an app store gift card worth $10,000. The next 50 downloads after number 50 billion will receive $500 app store gift cards. But before you go crazy with the downloads the contest will only register 25 downloads per account per day; and you have to be at least 13 years old to win.  read more »

Apple to the Core


Has Apple turned into forbidden fruit, or is now the time to take a bite?

Once every investors favorite stock, Apple has fallen out of favor on Wall Street and Main Street. It's stock is down more than 42% from its high of $750 a share. It's recently been trading well below $400 a share. Simply put its upward momentum is broken.

Reasons from pundits include the death of co-founder Steve Jobs, fierce competition in tablets, phones and laptops. Its profit margins are lower and it has a lack of new sexy products it can hype to get consumers excited again. But Apple still has an incredible $137 billion in cash on hand.  read more »

A Workplace Wonderland


Feel like a vacation; then head to the office.

Tech companies are flying out of the recession with a new business plan; incentives. More than ever before Silicon Valley companies want their employees in the office. It started with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer banning the practice of telecommuting and has moved to extra-large office space and job perks.  read more »



Your smartphone is getting a little bit closer to your fingertips.

Samsung is now joining Apple in the wristwatch department. But this won’t be your ordinary accessory; these watches will be designed to operate like a smartphone. Some features that have been mentioned in tech blogs include the ability to tell you who is calling or texting you, play music and monitor your heart rate.

So far Samsung is not releasing any specific information about their product including a price or release date. The company did say they have been working on a prototype for a while and a watch is definitely one of their upcoming products.  read more »