Find Your Phone


There's an app for everything; but some of them might connect you with trouble.

The “find my iPhone app” allows you to track down your lifeline after you've left it behind or someone stole it. But now police are warning iPhone users to use it with caution because in some cases they're storming after stone cold criminals.

Police say people have tracked down their phones and then gone to the location completely unprepared. In some cases they have ended up in fights or in police custody after going after the wrong person. Police say your cell phone isn't worth your life. They say if you track down your phone and the person who stole it give them a call. They have Tasers, back-up and if necessary a gun to handle dangerous situations.  read more »

Social Apps


Looking for the latest hot spot; there’s an app for that.

Superb is an app that is forcing people away from their screens and out into the real world. It works by showing users a full screen image of venues such as bars, restaurants of hiking trails. A swipe to the right adds that place to the user’s to do list. A swipe to the left indicates they are not interested and tapping the middle button indicates they’ve already been.

The app’s co-founder says it’s all about getting offline and the best way to do that is to know where people want to go. And if you can’t figure out what you feel like doing there’s an app for that too.  read more »



Apple is accelerating efforts to link your smartphone with your car.

Right now Apple and Google are going head to head to develop technology that makes mobile apps more accessible to people behind the wheel. Google says it should have something ready to show off by the end of the year; but Apple just upped the ante. This week Ferrari, Mercedes-Benzes and Volvo announced they are already previewing apple’s iPhone technology at an auto show in Geneva.

Called “CarPlay” the system enables users to plug into cars so drivers can call up maps, make calls and request music with voice commands or a dashboard screen. Apple says iPhone users want their content at their fingertips and car play lets people use their phones in the car without losing focus.  read more »

An Olympic Cover Up


Some of the world's largest companies paid big bucks to sponsor the Olympic Games; and their investment is being protected.

One of the world's most recognized logos is now being shut out of Sochi. Since Samsung is the official electronics sponsor of the Olympics; Apple logos are getting the official cover-up. And usually it's with duct tape.

Reporters on site are sharing pictures and videos of the so called brand police coming around and putting tape over the Apple logos of their computers. The only time a device is safe is when it can lay flat on a table; such as an iPad or iPhone.

Even the athletes are being asked to cover up the Apple logos on their must have gadgets. But the fan favorite company isn't the only one being targeted.  read more »

The Homeless App

leo grand.png

When life gives you lemons; create your own app.

Leo grand has been homeless and living on the streets of Manhattan since 2011. That’s when he lost his job at Metlife and was priced out of his apartment building thanks to a new high rise that went up nearby.

Then in August he was approached by a young programmer with a choice; take $100 or learn computer code. Grand chose code and for the next 109 days the two met for an hour every weekday. Grand was also given three textbooks and a computer to use.

Then last week Grand launched his app called “Trees for Cars.” It aims to save the environment by helping users carpool to their destinations. It also tracks how much carbon dioxide is saved by people who carpool creating a friendly competition among users.   read more »

Apple iBeacon


Apple is keeping tabs on its customers; and it's tracking device is probably in your pocket.

Apple is now using its iBeacon technology at all its U.S. It works by helping guide you around the store, tracking orders and getting you the latest products. For example if you're inside an Apple store and you walk past a display of iPhones you might get a message about how much your phone is worth if you traded it in and if you're eligible for an upgrade.

In order for it to work you need to download the iBeacon app and give it permission to send notices based on your location. You must also have bluetooth turned on and the latest operating system.  read more »

Google's Barge


Google answers the world's questions; but what happens when it becomes the question?

Right now Google has a large barge floating near San Francisco in a sea of mystery. However it seems the case has been cracked by the local CBS television news team.

The barge is apparently going to be used to market the Google glass and whatever gizmo's are yet to roll off factory lines. It will use shipping containers as buildings and will feature luxury showrooms and a party deck. That deck includes bars, a patio and is designed to entertain Google’s upscale customers.  read more »

Siri Revealed


One of the most important people in your life; is now being revealed.

Late last week the woman who runs your day to day life revealed herself. Her name is Susan Bennett and in 2005 she recorded the voice tracks for what Apple now lovingly refers to as Siri.

In an interview with CNN Bennett said she first started doing voice work for automated systems in the 1970's. Her first job was that of Tilly; the first ATM. She has also lent her voice talents to GPS devices, automated telephone systems and Delta airlines. Bennett says when she recorded the tracks she had no idea they would later become the personal assistant for the iPhone 4S.  read more »

Martha Vs Apple


She might be the queen of do it yourself but there are some things even Martha Stewart can't fix.

Recently Martha Stewart dropped and shattered her iPad. But instead of taking it to one of the multiple Apple stores around she headed to her next closest computer screen and shared her frustrations on Twitter.

She told her 29 million followers what had happened and asked if she was supposed to call Apple so someone would come fix it. Apparently they didn't; because the next day she tweeted that she was still waiting for an Apple representative to come pick up the iPad. A few minutes later she tweeted quote no action yet end quote.  read more »

Apple Maps


Apple maps is back in the news and still in need of direction.

A few months ago Apple kicked Google maps to the curb and began relying on its own navigation app. Unfortunately the company hit a few roadblocks in the form of roads that no longer exist and unnecessary detours. Then Apple seemed to smooth out the road and get people heading in the right direction; until now.

According to the British newspaper “The Independent” Apple's map app is misleading drivers again and steering them right down an airport runway. Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska says that twice in the past three weeks out of town drivers have driven through the airport after been given bad directions on their iPhones.  read more »