Every company is looking for the next big thing, and it better be out of this world.

John Sculley is the former CEO of Apple and Pepsi. He is also the author of “Moonshot: Game Changing Strategies to Build Billion Dollar Businesses.”

“In Silicon Valley there has been a metaphor that when you have a really fundamental change that resets the table we call it a moon shot so that everything that follows after the moonshot the world is different.”  read more »

The Push of a Button


There's an app for everything; and now there's a button for those apps.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but in order to get to it you have to turn your phone on, slide some things around and launch the right app. Now one company is cutting that down with a button it calls “Flic.”

Flic is about the size of a quarter and can be assigned to a number of functions. For example if you have a smart home you can push it to dim the lights or launch Netflix. If you're out at night you can use it as a panic button. And according to Wired magazine the company is working to connect Flic with even more apps so you can do all your favorite things without picking up your phone.  read more »

Building a Business

sculley head shot.png

The tech industry is growing; and you might need a new set of tools.

John Sculley is the author of “Moon Shot” a book of strategies to build a successful business. And he should know; Sculley is also the former CEO of two of the world's biggest companies; Pepsi and Apple.

“What I learned by talking to business schools is that everything is focused around becoming a better manager but entrepreneurs have to learn how to become builders before they become managers.”  read more »

Zuckerberg's Uniform


Mark Zuckerberg created the most popular social site around; but he didn’t necessarily look good doing it.

After years of sporting jeans and a grey t-shirt Zuckerberg is explaining his refusal to switch up his wardrobe choices. In a Facebook question and answer session he says he wears the t-shirt every day because he thinks “what to wear” is a silly decision. He says he wants to clear his life so that he has to make as few decisions as possible except how to best serve the Facebook community. He also considers deciding what to eat for breakfast each morning a silly decision but hasn’t found a way to simplify that.  read more »

Apple Pay


The latest fruit of Apple's labor could leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Apple pay launched October 1st and CEO Tim Cook is singing its praises. But according to Forbes magazine the celebration might be premature. Apple Pay is a wireless system where owners of the iPhone six and six plus can make purchases though a payment terminal. All you need is your credit card information and thumbprint.

Within a week of its release Cook announced that Apple Pay had more users than competing programs combined. But now the fruit might be getting a little rotten. This week CVS and Rite Aid announced they have disabled their Apple Pay software, that's a loss of almost 13,000 stores.  read more »


new phones.png

It looks like Apple’s new iPhone is getting tangled up in another case of bad publicity.

The iPhone 6 launched on a wave of excitement and anticipation over Apple’s first new major product since the death of co-founder Steve Jobs. But soon the hype turned a little rotten when people started reporting that the new phone bends. And now users are complaining about another problem.

On Twitter people are saying that the phone is catching hair from people’s heads and beards and pulling them out. According to their tweets hairs are getting stuck in the thin seam between the glass and the aluminum on the new handsets.  read more »

Segregated Sidewalks


China is segregating its sidewalks; and the division is based on cell phone use.

One of the busiest sidewalks in southwestern China now has two lanes. One for people that on their cell phones and one for people that are not. The lanes are 50 meters long and three meters wide and have white warning signs painted on the ground.

A spokesperson for the developer who came up with the idea says the separate lanes are mainly meant for tourists who aren’t used to China’s crowded streets. He says this could save people from potential safety hazards or embarrassing situations.  read more »

Topless Tanning


Summer is winding down and the French women are taking topless tanning with it.

When it comes to vacationing in France topless sunbathers are as common as fine dining and a lot of attitude. But now people say the days of an even tan are fading as more women opt out of baring their top half.

Feminists say the latest trend is disappointing. They say in the 1960's and 70's there was a huge push by the Vatican and the Spanish church to ban topless sunbathing; something France refused to do. But now women are willingly covering up and feminists say the swimsuit and smartphone industries are too blame.  read more »

The New Apple

apple logo.png

The new face of Apple is here and it can be found on your wrist.

After months of speculation Apple finally unveiled the smart watch earlier this week. This was a big moment for the company and new CEO Tim Cook who had yet to make any groundbreaking announcements since stepping into the spotlight.

As for Apple itself the watch is its first major new product since the iPad. It's called the Apple Watch and combines health and fitness monitoring with the ability to run a variety of apps. It's the company's first wearable computer and a device Cook says will be the next chapter of Apple. There will be three editions of the Apple Watch with the cheapest starting at $350. They are scheduled to be released next year.  read more »

Apple's New Building

apple building.png

A mysterious building is being constructed by Apple and anticipation is growing about what the tech giant is hiding behind door number one.

The building is going up at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California. According to local media construction crews have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements and security is tight. Speculation is that it has something to do with the event Apple is holding on September 9th.  read more »