Apple Security


Following its battle with the FBI; Apple is now unlocking some of its security secrets.

In a recent press briefing the company behind the devices that hold your private information discussed how exactly that information does in fact remain private. Despite recent headlines, senior engineers say the biggest threat to Apple devices is not the government but hackers.  read more »

The New Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is attracting a new type of tech worker; and all they can see is dollar signs.

Recently Apple co-founder Steve Woznick told Mashable that when he and Steve Jobs were working out of a garage they were doing it because they were passionate about the project. Now he says Silicon Valley is attracting two types of people; the ones that go to business school where money is their only priority or the ones that go to engineering school and want to accomplish and create things that didn't exist before.  read more »

Performance Over Privacy


Apple might be standing their ground when it comes to releasing information from its devices but that's not making fans feel any safer.

The tech giant has been in the headlines lately for refusing the FBI’s request to unlock a phone reportedly used by one of the suspects in the San Bernardino terror attacks. Apple says doing so would jeopardize the safety and privacy of all apple users. And while most people are applauding the decision it doesn't mean that apple is winning more fans.  read more »

Apple's New Direction


After a few years of misdirection it looks like Apple maps is finally on he right path.

When it debuted in 2012, Apple maps quickly became the butt of any joke about getting lost. It became famous for overlooking many towns and businesses, one person reported being directed into a lake. New York's Madison Square Garden was labeled as park space because of the word "garden" in its name. Hiccups for a company known for producing simple, easy to use products. But now it looks like Apple has turned things around.  read more »

John Sculley


Former Apple CEO John Sculley is branching out into the world of smartphones.

I recently spoke with Sculley at the tech summit in Dublin, Ireland about Obi World Phone. A product that is pitched as a more affordable smartphone with the same quality and reliability as the high end models.

“Everyone aspires to an Apple but not everyone has $800, particularly in the developing markets around the world.”

The phones cost under $200 and are being called one of the best designed android phones of any price. While there I also asked him what he thought of the recent movie “Steve Jobs” about the late Apple co-founder.  read more »

Apple Cash


Apple reported solid earnings this past week, printing so much money it may soon catch up to the federal reserve.

The digital giant's cash and investments during the past quarter jumped to 206 billion. That's a staggering 33% increase from the same period a year ago. 63% of its revenue came from selling millions of its popular $650 phones to consumers who continue to upgrade to the latest version.

According to an interesting statistic from USA Today, Apple would have enough cash to give every American $650 apiece, which is remarkably close to the retail price of an iPhone. And Apple keeps increasing its pile of cash, even while trying to get rid of it with stock buybacks and dividends to investors.  read more »

Comeback Kids


Jack Dorsey is back at the helm of twitter and shareholders are hoping he's the next comeback kid of Silicon Valley.

After co-founding Twitter and serving as its CEO for two years Dorsey returned to the top spot last week. So far his first moves have been to slash jobs and roll out new features in an effort to entice users.

This isn't the first time the head honcho has left and returned in an effort to save a company. One of the most well-known examples is Steve Jobs. Jobs was forced out of Apple nine years after starting it. He was brought back in when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy; now it's one of the biggest companies in the world thanks to Jobs and his new products including the iPod, iPhone and iPad.  read more »

Big Apple Event


The world’s biggest company wants you to stay in its eco-system, forever.

The genius of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was creating an eco-system of products designed so you would never leave the Apple family. To keep you committed, Apple rolled out its new products in San Francisco this past week.

Apple announced a bigger iPad with a new keyboard and stylus aimed at business customers, dubbed "iPad Pro" with a 12.9 inch screen starting at $799, with performance similar to a desktop computer. CEO Tim Cook also said customer satisfaction with the Apple watch was at 97%. And Apple is working with French luxury goods maker Hermes on a new watch collection, including more choices for watch bands.  read more »

The Apple Watch


The Apple watch is here and it needs to be handled with care.

The Apple watch is out for delivery for anyone who pre-ordered and is also available for purchase in some high end boutique stores. But if you plan on using it for your day to day activities, handle with care.

During an online demonstration one CNET reporter accidentally purchased a $300 video game system from Amazon. He was trying to hit “add to wish list” but thanks to a small screen and large fingers he became a proud owner. He was able to cancel the order from his laptop, which he says has a much larger screen. He went on to say that the Apple watch was great if all you wanted to do was check the time and weather and receive notifications.  read more »

The Apple Watch


Apple is taking its employees from the tech world into the fashion industry.

With the upcoming release of its Apple watch the tech company figured its blue shirted employees should become a little more fashion forward. According to tech blogs, as early as next month the responsibilities of Apple employees will shift into something that resembles the duties of sales people in a high end department store.

So to help them prepare employees are being trained with fake customers that include a woman who hasn't worn a watch in a long time but can be convinced to splurge on accessories. And a trendy man that needs something he can wear from the office to working out.  read more »