apple watch

iPhone X


It's been ten years since the first iPhone, and Apple is celebrating by securing its legacy for the next ten.

This week the public was finally let behind the doors of Apple's new Silicon Valley spaceship shaped campus that was the brainchild of co-founder Steve Jobs. And it was in the Steve Jobs Theater that CEO Tim Cook introduced the iPhone X. A device he calls the company's biggest leap since the original release and a product that will hold the public's attention for another decade.  read more »

The Apple Watch


The Apple watch is here and it needs to be handled with care.

The Apple watch is out for delivery for anyone who pre-ordered and is also available for purchase in some high end boutique stores. But if you plan on using it for your day to day activities, handle with care.

During an online demonstration one CNET reporter accidentally purchased a $300 video game system from Amazon. He was trying to hit “add to wish list” but thanks to a small screen and large fingers he became a proud owner. He was able to cancel the order from his laptop, which he says has a much larger screen. He went on to say that the Apple watch was great if all you wanted to do was check the time and weather and receive notifications.  read more »

Apple's Event


It looks like the Apple tree is getting ready to shake a little something off its branches.

Recently the Silicon Valley powerhouse announced that it was holding an event on March 9th in San Francisco. And true to form the company revealed very little about what people can expect. So of course speculation is running wild with most analysts agreeing that it will have something to do with the Apple Watch.

So far we know that it's being released in April with prices starting around $350. What we don't know is how much accessories and the higher end models with 18-karat gold and sapphires will cost. CNet is also reporting that Apple might reveal the apps that will be available and confirm how long the battery would last.  read more »

The New Apple

apple logo.png

The new face of Apple is here and it can be found on your wrist.

After months of speculation Apple finally unveiled the smart watch earlier this week. This was a big moment for the company and new CEO Tim Cook who had yet to make any groundbreaking announcements since stepping into the spotlight.

As for Apple itself the watch is its first major new product since the iPad. It's called the Apple Watch and combines health and fitness monitoring with the ability to run a variety of apps. It's the company's first wearable computer and a device Cook says will be the next chapter of Apple. There will be three editions of the Apple Watch with the cheapest starting at $350. They are scheduled to be released next year.  read more »



Your smartphone is getting a little bit closer to your fingertips.

Samsung is now joining Apple in the wristwatch department. But this won’t be your ordinary accessory; these watches will be designed to operate like a smartphone. Some features that have been mentioned in tech blogs include the ability to tell you who is calling or texting you, play music and monitor your heart rate.

So far Samsung is not releasing any specific information about their product including a price or release date. The company did say they have been working on a prototype for a while and a watch is definitely one of their upcoming products.  read more »