apple event

Big Apple Event


The world’s biggest company wants you to stay in its eco-system, forever.

The genius of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was creating an eco-system of products designed so you would never leave the Apple family. To keep you committed, Apple rolled out its new products in San Francisco this past week.

Apple announced a bigger iPad with a new keyboard and stylus aimed at business customers, dubbed "iPad Pro" with a 12.9 inch screen starting at $799, with performance similar to a desktop computer. CEO Tim Cook also said customer satisfaction with the Apple watch was at 97%. And Apple is working with French luxury goods maker Hermes on a new watch collection, including more choices for watch bands.  read more »

Apple's Event


It looks like the Apple tree is getting ready to shake a little something off its branches.

Recently the Silicon Valley powerhouse announced that it was holding an event on March 9th in San Francisco. And true to form the company revealed very little about what people can expect. So of course speculation is running wild with most analysts agreeing that it will have something to do with the Apple Watch.

So far we know that it's being released in April with prices starting around $350. What we don't know is how much accessories and the higher end models with 18-karat gold and sapphires will cost. CNet is also reporting that Apple might reveal the apps that will be available and confirm how long the battery would last.  read more »

Apple's New Building

apple building.png

A mysterious building is being constructed by Apple and anticipation is growing about what the tech giant is hiding behind door number one.

The building is going up at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California. According to local media construction crews have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements and security is tight. Speculation is that it has something to do with the event Apple is holding on September 9th.  read more »