apple and the fbi

Apple Security


Following its battle with the FBI; Apple is now unlocking some of its security secrets.

In a recent press briefing the company behind the devices that hold your private information discussed how exactly that information does in fact remain private. Despite recent headlines, senior engineers say the biggest threat to Apple devices is not the government but hackers.  read more »

Apple and the FBI


The fight between the FBI and Apple ended before it began, so who came out on top?

Earlier this week the FBI and Apple were preparing to go toe to toe about unlocking the phone of one of the suspects in the San Bernardino terror attacks. Then the FBI announced that an outside party had come forward and was able to get the agency into the phone. But with the abrupt ending to the debate between the tech giant and the FBI comes a few more questions.

The obvious one is who is this outside party? Right now the most popular working theory is that the FBI has a contact with the Israeli mobile forensic firm Cellebrite. Its website says that the company can extract data from any iPhone even if its password protected.  read more »