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The Choice is Yours


Media is changing and it's all about choice.

Mark Stanich is President of Digital Media for American Express Publishing in New York; a company with banner magazines such as Food and Wine and Travel and Leisure.

He says people can get information wherever and whenever they want. To keep consumers interested, Stanich says there is a fine balance between providing quality content and pleasing changing consumer taste.

"Content is king and audiences are queen. I think the audiences are really important, you have to put them both together because if you create great content but you haven't figured out who it is that you're trying to satisfy, it can wither and die."

Stanich says if you have a great audience but do not deliver what they want, you will lose them.  read more »

Food and Wine

food and wine.jpg

Sometimes the food and wine industry isn’t just about taste.

Mark Stanich is the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Digital Media at American Express Publishing. At a recent food and wine festival I talked to him about changes in the industry; an important topic to the company which publishes Food and Wine magazine. Stanich says over the past few years people began focusing more on the food and less on the wine; but now that’s changing and the industry is realizing they go hand in hand.

“A great meal being not just the food a great meal is really the experience and part of that experience is what you’re drinking with the food.”  read more »