american express

Gifts From Twitter


Twitter is hooking up with Starbucks and making it even easier for you to be social.

The Seattle based coffee company recently launched a program called “tweet-a-coffee.” Here's how it works; first you link your Starbucks and Twitter accounts and set up a payment plan. Then anytime you're feeling generous you tweet “@ tweet-a-coffee” along with the recipient’s Twitter handle. That person will then be notified that they have a $5 Starbucks gift card which is redeemed with a smart phone.  read more »

A Social Partnership


Online shopping just got a little more social.

Earlier this week American Express announced a deal that would allow its members to make purchases on Twitter. All customers have to do is tweet the hashtag that corresponds to the product they’re interested in. American Express will respond with a tweet asking you to confirm; and when you do the product is shipped. However this doesn’t mean that anything you find online is up for grabs.

The products you can choose from come off a list released by American Express. Right now available products include the Amazon Kindle Fire and Xbox 360. Marketing experts say by connecting social media and shopping, customers are promoting brands at the same time they’re buying them.  read more »

Investing in Trust


These days most people wouldn’t trust a stranger with their trash, but one New York City woman trusted one with her credit card.

Merrie Harris is a director for the Manhattan based JWT advertising agency. Earlier this week she was at a party when she stepped outside with a friend and was approached by a homeless man. He asked them if they could spare some change and Harris said she didn’t have any cash. Instead she handed over her American Express platinum card.  read more »