Technology Test Labs

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Some of the country's biggest retailers are going after a new customer; technology.

Target, Kohl's and the home shopping network QVC are among the half dozen retailers that are opening up a new type of shop in Silicon Valley. Called technology test labs the idea is to improve a company's website and create mobile shopping apps.

Retailers say these labs will help them stay on top of the latest trends in the technological world and compete with online rivals such as Amazon and eBay. Plus they need to keep up with customers. According to the National Retail Federation people are spending more than half their time online shopping with smartphones, tablets and computers. And what better place to find people in touch with technology than Silicon Valley?  read more »

A Taxing Sale


Shopping online just got a lot more taxing.

On Saturday began collecting sales tax from customers in California. The extra charge comes after a lengthy battle between state lawmakers and the online giant. It ended with Amazon agreeing to charge sales tax with the profit going to help the cash strapped state.

And the one stop shop might not be the only one bailing out the golden state. More than 200 out of state companies with major business in California may have to charge sales tax on items shipped to the state. But it’s expected to pay off.

According to early estimates; revenue generated from this plan will feed $317 million into California each year. Of that number; half is expected to come from Amazon alone.  read more »