Amazon and Whole Foods


Amazon is getting into the grocery business and your next shopping list could be a lot more high tech.

The online retail giant Amazon has announced its intention to buy the health food chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Now, you can imagine a world where a drone delivers your organic sugar so you can whip up some treats for your child's class or provide you with all the ingredients you need for dinner while Alexa reads you the recipe.  read more »

The Amazon of Stocks


Amazon, the incredible company that is upending traditional retail and driving consumers from malls to laptops, first sold shares to the public 20 years ago this week. And its stock price just hit yet another all-time high, giving me a new low in my ability to win on Wall Street. To help drive my fragile ego even lower, some analysts are predicting another 20% upside this engine of growth.

I’ve missed my fair share of winners on Wall Street, but this one is especially painful. Had I invested $1.00 in Amazon right after its Initial Public Offering in 1997 it would be worth $500.00 today, a huge return on a modest investment. Sure, we all have our stories of opportunities lost. But this one is personal. Here’s why.  read more »

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Amazon's Holiday Sales


It looks like Santa might not have been the only one working hard this holiday season.

Amazon says that 2016 was its best season yet with more than one billion packages shipped worldwide. The company says that most of those orders came from mobile devices and its busiest day was December 19th, the Monday before Christmas. In addition to that, Amazon prime customers, spent twice as much as other customers on Amazon because they're able to take advantage of the free two day shipping.

Besides helping to deliver gifts across the globe, it was also a big year for Amazon products. The company's voice activated assistant Alexa, both in the large and small form were top sellers. Amazon says they don't have final numbers yet but they sold around nine times more than last year.  read more »

An Alcohol Fueled Comeback


Barnes and noble is looking to make a comeback, and it's using a little liquid courage.

The bookstore Barnes and Noble has had a bit of trouble competing with online retailers such as Amazon but it has a new plan to win back customers, booze! The retailer has opened four new concept stores that will have an expanded food menu and serve beer and wine. The first to open was the store in Eastchester New York, followed by Minnesota, Folsom, California and one in Virginia.

Company executives say they are also looking at expanding the sale of toys, gifts and vinyl records. They say they are focusing on making someone's trip to Barnes and Noble an actual experience, something you can't get while shopping online.  read more »

Amazon's Empire


Amazon is speeding up your next trip to the grocery store by taking away the checkout line.

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer is opening up a corner store where people can come in, pick up what they need and walk right back out again. Instead of waiting in line to pay their purchases will be automatically billed to their Amazon Prime account. As they shop tiny sensors will record what they pick up and take to tally up what they owe.

The first store is set to open in Seattle early next year and there is word that the company will expand that to 2,000 of the stores across the country. The store will be about 1,800 square feet and will feature most common food staples.  read more »

Replenishment Project


Turns out the promise wasn't an empty one, Amazon is now ready to restock your home.

It's been nearly ten months since Amazon announced effortless in-home shopping. Basically that means when connected items around your house such as dishwashers and coffee makers are running low they will automatically order you extra supplies. Since then Amazon has announced more companies that were jumping on the bandwagon but not when it would happen; until now.  read more »

Company Names


They're some of the biggest companies in the business world, but how did they pick a name we will never forget?

Because of their success company names such as Lego and Ikea are very familiar to us. But how did they choose a name that would resonate with consumers? To find out how CEO's determine what will go on their letter heads, Business Insider tracked down the thinking behind some of the biggest names we know.  read more »

The Netflix Boom


The 90’s are getting a 21st century reboot.

To the excitement of fans everywhere the show “Full House” is getting a spin off that will air on Netflix. It's being called “Fuller House” and will feature oldest daughter DJ trying to raise her children with the help of her best friend and younger sister. So far most of the original cast has signed up for the show and they are posting pictures of the progress on Instagram.

The 13 episode show will premiere next year and is predicted to continue the recent success of Netflix. In recent years the company has switched its focus to original content and it seems to be paying off. Last year Netflix earned 31 Emmy nominations, more than double the amount of the previous year. This year it received 34.  read more »

Dash Button


Amazon is making one stop shopping even easier.

Earlier this week the retail giant unveiled its latest idea; the ability to order items with the push of a button. It’s called the dash button and it is a Wi-Fi enabled controller that connects to your smartphone through the Amazon app. The button can be placed anywhere around your home to remind you when it’s time to replace certain items.

For example you can put in on your washing machine and when you’re out of detergent just push the button. The order for that product is then automatically sent to Amazon. Right now more than 200 products are available through the dash button program. And if you happen to push the button then find your secret stash of toilet paper you can cancel your order within minutes.  read more »

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Travel With Amazon


Amazon is letting you expand your shopping list; to anywhere in the world.

According to the travel website the world’s biggest online retailer is attempting to break into the travel business. Beginning in January Amazon will start letting people make hotel and resort reservations through its site. Participating businesses would load their room types, availability, pricing and pictures into a business to business server. Then they would be notified by Amazon when a booking is made. In return the hotels and resorts pay Amazon a 15% commission.  read more »