Underpaid and Underage


The country might be emerging from a recession, but some British citizens are still feeling the pinch.

According to a new survey the weekly allowance given to kids in Britain is at a seven-year low. A sign that no matter how many of the chores get done, parents are still cutting back on non-essential spending.

The survey conducted by the banking group Halifax interviewed over 1,000 children between the ages of 8 and 15. It found that since last year, the average weekly payout for kids has gone from almost $10 in 2009 to $9.23. This is the lowest paycheck for minors since 2003. And girls are feeling the cutback even more, receiving 6% less than their male peers.  read more »

A Rainy Day Fund


If you didn't make a habit of saving money, the past year has taught you a harsh lesson. So maybe 2010 is the year to bank a little change and maybe it can be easier than you think.

MSN Money has put together a list of nine sneaky ways to save money. Nine things you can do to boost your bank account without feeling the pinch. Rebecca Schreiber is a Financial Planner in Washington, D.C. and while she acknowledges that these days it's hard to set aside money, even two to five dollars a week will eventually add up. Skipping your latte twice a week could mean an extra $200 a year. A cushion that could come in handy for the next rainy day.  read more »