Airline Quality


The quality of U.S. airlines is improving; but not everyone is getting on board with the new numbers.

Earlier this week the annual report on the quality of U.S. airlines was released by researchers at Wichita State and Embryriddle Aeronautical University. The report stated that airlines are getting better at sticking to their schedules, fewer bags are getting lost and fewer passengers are lodging complaints. But recent events might tell a different story.  read more »

Boycott at the Pump


The national average for a gallon of gas is around $3. And if tht price makes you cringe, just be grateful you're not filling up in McGrath, Alaska.

The residents of McGrath, located 415 miles north of Anchorage are reaching deep into their wallets at the pump. Earlier this week they saw the price of gas jump from $6 a gallon to $9.20. The price increase happened overnight and residents are fuming.  read more »