airport security

Security Measures


Ignorance is bliss; especially 37,000 feet in the air.

These days flying means practically stripping down to your skivvies to make it through airport security. And while it might be inconvenient to remove your belt, jacket, shoes and hand over everything from your spare change to your first born child it might be worth it.

The tight security measures began falling into place after September 11th. But some people don't like to fall into line. Since February of 2002 the TSA has confiscated about 7.5 million different items from airports around the country. And they're all items that were found at security checkpoints; just one step away from the plane's cabin.  read more »

Keeping Your Privates Private


Feeling a little camera shy around the new airport security screenings? One Colorado man has you covered.

Over the past week travelers hit the skies with more expected to swarm airports as we approach Christmas. But the new TSA security pat downs and body scanners are making people a little apprehensive. It seems that few people are enjoying their naked image appearing on a screen or being groped by a stranger. So if you’re looking for a little more privacy in the security line a Las Vegas based company has the underwear for you.  read more »