A Low Altitude Connections


Flying the friendly skies could get a little more entertaining.

Earlier this week the Federal Aviation Administration announced it was going to explore ways for passengers to use electronic devices during take-offs and landings. The FAA says the first step is to gather all the key players; this includes airlines, aircraft manufacturers, electronics makers and flight attendant unions. Then the group will discuss how to test gadgets such as phones and laptops to see if they are safe for use during critical in-flight moments.  read more »

Flying modern jets with WW II navigation


Flying may be the safest way to travel, but it certainly is not as fast and fuel efficient as it could be. That’s because while teenage drivers use GPS systems in their cars, air traffic controllers use World War II-era radar to guide jumbo jets. And while the newest commercial, private and charter aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art navigations systems, they are interacting with the antiquated equipment being used by the government’s air traffic system.  read more »