State of the Airline Industry


The airline industry is flying to places no one wants to go. Places like extra fees and hidden charges, places that your wallet isn’t ready for.

Earlier this week American airlines announced that it will start charging passengers fifty dollars to fly coach on stand-by. The airlines says they are trying to ease the congestion caused by stand-by passengers during boarding but do admit there is some revenue involved. And it’s just the latest in the long list of additional charges for bags, blankets, headsets and special meals. CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg says in these low travel times these fees are keeping planes in the sky.  read more »

Keep Your Job? Work For Free.

British CEO.jpg

With unemployment on the rise, more and more workers are taking pay cuts in exchange for keeping their jobs. Some are even working for free.

In an effort to cut costs and show work-place solidarity, British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh is planning to work the entire month of July with no pay. There’s only one glitch in his plan for generating some positive public relations. He forgot to tell his wife.

Walsh says because he neglected to tell her about the plan to turn down his July paycheck, she wasn’t too happy when she first read about it in a London paper.

Walsh enjoys an annual salary of $1.2 million U-S dollars, and is hoping his lower salary encourages employees to also cut costs. This comes after 2,500 employees at the airline have already lost their jobs.  read more »