Airline Fees


Airlines are introducing more fees; but passengers might actually get on board with these ones.

Revenue from baggage fees and reservation changes is tapering off so airlines are introducing another way to line their pockets. But instead of charging you for necessary services these are meant to give you a taste of the good life.

For example airlines are now renting out Apple iPads pre-loaded with movies, selling hot first class meals in coach and letting passengers pay to have an empty seat next to them. But it doesn't stop there.  read more »

In Flight Internet


The world is becoming more connected; 35,000 feet in the air.

Earlier this week the Federal Communications Commission announced it was making it easier to adopt in flight internet service. Before this the Commission would only clear companies as and when it was needed because the process was so extensive.

The Commission’s latest move cuts the time needed for regulatory approval by 50%, giving more companies a chance to compete. This means more options for airlines and passengers. Once a company meets the Commission’s standards, airlines will test its system to make sure there is no interference. After that final approval is needed from the FAA.  read more »

Air Koryo


Another airline is flying into the digital age; but it might not be a boost for business.

North Korea’s Air Koryo is the world’s only one star online. Now it has launched a website to help people book flights from Seoul to various cities in China and Russia.

But the new convenience might not be enough to make passengers happy. The airline is the only one ranked as a one star service by Skytrax global airline ranking. A rating that represents very poor quality performance. One reason for this could be the type of aircraft used. Most of Air Koryo’s flights are done with older, soviet-era planes.  read more »

The New Business Class


Business is a world without boundaries; and one airline is working to make sure you travel in comfort.

Don Bunkenburg is the Managing Director of Corporate Sales and Regions North America for Lufthansa Airlines. I recently spoke to him about the direction the airline is going in and he says all illuminated lights point directly to the happiness of passengers.

“Passengers want the seat, they want the comfort, they want the service they want the reliability and they want the ease of getting through an airport and that’s what we’re focusing on.”

In particular Bunkenburg says Lufthansa is focusing on business class and surveying people who spend most of their time on the road. He says this is the group to target because like it or not they have to travel.  read more »

In-Flight Dress Code


By now passengers are used to removing shoes, belts and jackets at the airport; but what about your skirt, shirt or dress?

This spring a woman was flying out of Las Vegas on Southwest airlines when she says an airline employee confronted her for showing too much cleavage. In another incident a passenger complained that an American airlines pilot lectured her for a shirt with an expletive on it. She was allowed to board after covering herself with a shawl.

First amendment lawyers say airlines have every right to enforce a dress code. They say the constitution prohibits government from limiting your rights but it does not apply to private companies. In short; if they don’t like your ensemble you might not fly.  read more »

A Low Altitude Connections


Flying the friendly skies could get a little more entertaining.

Earlier this week the Federal Aviation Administration announced it was going to explore ways for passengers to use electronic devices during take-offs and landings. The FAA says the first step is to gather all the key players; this includes airlines, aircraft manufacturers, electronics makers and flight attendant unions. Then the group will discuss how to test gadgets such as phones and laptops to see if they are safe for use during critical in-flight moments.  read more »

Packing Light


Feel like the airlines are flying off with your hard earned money? You could be right.

You may hate arriving at the airline ticket counter only to find out your luggage isn’t going to land safely unless you shell out more money. But the airlines love it; in fact some say those extra fees are the only revenue they’re bringing in.

Last year the airlines made $3.4 billion in baggage fees. This is up 29% from last year. A small consolation for airlines when you consider the price of jet fuel has climbed 39% since last year. And as the cost for them to fly rises; so does the cost for your seat.  read more »

Flying the Friendly Skies


Flying the not so friendly skies is getting expensive with extra fees for luggage and food. But which airlines rank the worst when it comes to customer satisfaction?

Earlier this week the University of Michigan released the latest American customer service satisfaction index for the airline industry. The survey shows that the level of contentment is on the rise, but most of the time just being content is simply not enough. Passengers took the opportunity to vent about plane food and flight attendants. And when it came to high flying cuisine, Delta/Northwest reportedly serves the worst, followed closely by United and American. And if travelers were given the chance to speak to the CEO of any airline they would request, “to be fed food you’d eat yourself.”  read more »

Flying the Costly Skies


It’s no surprise that most people think flying has gotten more expensive than it’s worth. So how do your complaints about extra fees stack up against your fellow passengers?

An online poll of nearly 2,000 people asked passengers which service they hated shelling out extra money for. The poll conducted by Air Fare found that 52% of people hated paying for the privilege of picking their seat.  read more »

In-Flight Behavior


With the fees and the packing and the delays flying can be annoying. But no matter how bothered you may be there are certain people you should try very hard to keep happy.

A flight attendant who chose to remain anonymous has put together a list of grievances from her days strolling the aisles on commercial planes. The list, given to MSN Travel describes the seven things you can do that would annoy any flight attendant. And they are tips you should pay attention to, since the flight attendant has the power to make your flight as enjoyable or as terrible as possible.  read more »