A Side Hustle


Looking to make some extra cash; better make sure it's worth your time.

Companies such as Airbnb, Lyft and Uber allow anyone who passes a little background check to make money on the side; but how much are people really pulling in? To help you determine whether or not you should pick up a side job the online lender Earnest crunched some numbers to see which companies were profitable.  read more »

Airbnb Expansion


Airbnb is looking to expand its services from giving you a place to stay, to getting you where you're going.

According to Bloomberg, Airbnb is planning to release a flight banking tool that will allow users to book a flight and secure a temporary home all within the confines of its website. The company says it hopes to get things off the ground within eighteen months and is still looking at a number of options for a successful launch.

So far those include acquiring an online travel agency or license data from a secondary provider. Once up and running Airbnb will be a direct competitor for companies such as Expedia which also allows people to book a hotel and flight from one site.  read more »

Your Next Job


Looking for a job in the New Year? Why not work for the best?

The career website Glassdoor has released its annual list for the top places to work in the coming year. The rankings are based on submissions to the site by current employees; and in order for a company to be considered it needs to have at least one thousand workers. Topping the list this year is AirBnB.

The company was founded in 2008 and helps people find short term rental properties by homeowners. In the past seven years it has expanded into 34,000 cities. One employee from San Francisco wrote that the company has amazing people, a vibrant workplace and an unbeatable culture. They went on to say AirBnB offers a competitive salary, insurance job perks, good food, parties and opportunities for growth.  read more »