academy awards

Oscar Gold


Will your favorite movie miss out on Oscar gold? It's in good company.

This weekend was the academy awards; the biggest night for movies and the stars that make them. Some of the nominees for best picture included “American Hustle,” “Captain Phillips” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” But only one took home the golden statue and left the rest in a very prestigious pool of losers.

In fact some of what are now considered the best movies ever made were snubbed when it came to their night on the red carpet. For example director Francis Ford Coppola ended the 70’s with his third classic in a row; “Apocalypse Now.” Unfortunately he couldn't pull off his third best picture win in a row. Instead he lost the award to the movie “Kramer vs. Kramer.”  read more »

Oscar's Lucky Losers


There’s no business like show business; win or lose.

Hollywood wrapped up its star studded award season last week with the granddaddy of all prizes; the Academy Awards. And while they say it’s an honor to just be nominated, losing isn’t half bad either.

The Oscar swag bag was put together by the marketing company distinctive assets for the nominees that didn’t score a statue. And according to the New York Post this year’s gift, totaled more than $223,000.  read more »