The Year of the Odd


The ball may have dropped on 2010 but it will be hard to say goodbye to the year that will go down as one of the oddest ever.

From economic woes to volcanic ash to “chexting,” the headlines of 2010 were anything but average. And if your 2011 is off to a rough start just remember what you’ve already made it through. The airline industry hit a lot of turbulence last year. It had to deal with the Icelandic volcano grounding flights, British women attempting to make a corpse their travel partner and flight attendant Steven Slater’s dramatic exit. Not to mention the uproar over full body scans and intimate pat downs. And business is still being rocked for the industry with bad weather shutting down airports all over the world.  read more »

Hoping For Change


The world was happy to wave goodbye to 2009 while hoping 2010 would bring down unemployment and pump up salaries. But what can you really expect from the new decade?

U.S. News & World Report has put together a list of four things we can expect from the business world. President Obama has said that the economy has been rescued but jobs are still being cut, so will the actions of the coming year speak louder than our Commander in Chief promises?  read more »