The Power of Prayer


Sometimes it’s not about polling numbers, political parties or who gives the best speech. Sometimes the choice of who best to rule the country is in the power of prayer.

Voters in Britain are set to head to the polls this spring to decide who best to tackle the daunting task of reducing the country’s record deficit. And it’s not an easy choice after a parliamentary expenses scandal where lawmakers from both sides were making claims on everything from bath plugs to moat cleaning. So to give voters a little guidance and strength as they prepare to elect their next leader, the Church of England has published prayers aimed at the confused and cynical. Some prayers remind voters that they have the power to make a difference. Others ask for guidance while choosing the party to protect the poor and vulnerable and make the nation a place of fairness and peace. While the church aims to steer clear of politics the Archbishop of Canterbury chose to get involved after comparing the government’s stimulus plan to an addict returning to a drug. In these tough times, most proposals asking taxpayers to pony up bailout money simply don’t stand a prayer.