Flying the Costly Skies


It’s no surprise that most people think flying has gotten more expensive than it’s worth. So how do your complaints about extra fees stack up against your fellow passengers?

An online poll of nearly 2,000 people asked passengers which service they hated shelling out extra money for. The poll conducted by Air Fare found that 52% of people hated paying for the privilege of picking their seat.

This was followed closely by paying to change flights. 14% of people said they didn’t like paying for extra snacks but 3% said they didn’t mind any of the extra fees. Due to the bad economy airlines have been tacking on to the price of your ticket but George Hobica, President of Air Fare Watchdog says some of these charges can be justified while others are causing some controversy. The most recent being the move by Southwest and United that involves asking overweight passengers to purchase a second seat which can be refunded if the flight is not full. But regardless of your opinion these fees aren’t going away, so make sure you show up for your flight with more cash and less weight.