A Sobering Reality


Pub crawlers in Britain are going to have to take it down a notch thanks to some new regulations designed to save the government a little money.

The British government says excessive drinking is costing the country 12 billion pounds a year, so they are introducing some new rules to maintain sobriety. Pubs and clubs will be required to ban drinking games and promotions such as women drink free and all you can drink for ten pounds.

But one of the other main sources for excessive drinking, bulk amounts of cheap alcohol in supermarkets won't be affected. Drinking games such as the Dentist's Chair where drinks are poured directly into your mouth by others will be banned beginning in April. In October a second set of rules will go into effect that enforces ID checks and smaller measures of alcohol. The government says any establishments that break these rules will face stiff penalties. This includes losing their license, a fine of up to $32,000 U.S. or six months in prison. While good for the government and perhaps the health of the British, these rules might be bad for the bar business. So here's a toast...to big brother.