Launching Your Own Business


Think you need help launching the next big thing. Maybe you already have everything you need.

Mark Thompson is a bestselling author and senior executive coach. He works with executive leaders to grow their business, grow themselves and be able to drive change in their organizations. He says one of the biggest mistakes people ready to strike out on their own make is hiring a consultant.

“You are the best consultant to re-invent your business than anyone on the planet. Just think for a moment, without the tragedy, metaphorically burn it all down start it over, you bring back different people, maybe some of the same that you want to be much more approachable and patronizing too. There would be those that you would not invite back to your business, there are those products and services that you'd re-invent in a new way. Burn it down! And when you come back, that business, that organization is going to be better and you're the one who’s going to be the oracle of that reinvention.”

Before anyone else can trust your business, you have to trust yourself.