Slow Cooked Fast Food

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Fast food companies are taking consumers behind the scenes to reveal just how fast their food really is.

Most people assume when they pull up to a drive thru window their burger and fries are being pulled off a conveyor line and slapped in a to-go bag. Now some of the biggest names in quick meals are working to dispel that opinion.

McDonald’s has announced that it plans to start using fresh beef in its burgers. Restaurants such as Burger King and KFC are moving towards all white meat chicken and chicken free of any antibiotics.

Recently an executive with KFC took a reporter into the kitchen at one of the restaurants. There she demonstrated how each piece of chicken is taken fresh out of the refrigerator, dunked in cold water, covered in breading mix and lowered into a vat of oil. She says even though the food is made quickly that doesn't mean the art of actually cooking it has been removed.

But if these companies want to keep customers happy they will have to continue to feed the need for speed.