Tweeting Your Dreams True


Twitter is in the business of keeping the world connected; and one man is using that to his advantage.

Right now there are more than 317 million active Twitter accounts. Some people use it to stay informed, others for networking and some to reach people they would normally have no chance of talking to. Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia found that out when he became the subject of a relentless Twitter campaign from one of his fans.

For more than 200 days Mark Johnson of England tweeted Garcia asking if he could be his caddie. Using the hashtag “let me caddie for you” he tweeted Garcia once a day for 206 days. Then on day 207, his patience paid off. Garcia tweeted back quote “ok. I think I found the perfect day for you to get the taste of carrying my bag and make your dream come true.”

Turns out that date will be September 27th, the Pro-Am tournament ahead of the British Masters. Who knew you could score your dream job in a 140 characters?