Illegal Souvenirs


An inn in Massachusetts is trying to tie up some loose ends; and it's coming after former guests to do so.

Longfellow's Wayside Inn is celebrating its 300th anniversary by going on a mission to get its stuff back. The historical inn is said to be a source of motivation for poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; known as one of the five fireside poets. He lived from 1807 to 1882 and was the author of numerous works including “Paul Revere's Ride.” On top of that the inn was also once owned by Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company. And it seems that over the years guests wanted a piece of that history.

Now management is saying if guests return the items they may have checked out during their stay they will be forgiven. Those items include stamped silverware, pewter serving pieces and paintings. But the item management really wants back is a little harder to replace. It says in the 1950's someone took a copy of the Declaration of Independence that belonged to the former inn keeper. Might be time for security cameras.