Olympic Sized Appetites


For Olympians competing in Rio, it looks like Disneyland might not be their first stop following the medal podium.

After competing in this year’s summer games most athletes, win or lose are going straight to McDonald’s for a little pick me up. And for them it's worth it. Since the games began the fast food giant has been feeding athletes in the Olympic village for free. When that led to long lines and a food shortage the company cut back, allowing only 20 items of food per person. If you wanted to order more you had to wait longer.

Recently an Australian badminton player took advantage of the deal posting a picture to Facebook with four packets of chicken nuggets, six fries, four burgers, four chicken sandwiches, six brownies and a smoothie. He says after months of a strict diet and intense training the major cheat meal was worth it.

Despite that, McDonald’s says that its biggest fans are the Chinese who will start putting down big macs at 9 AM. Looks like the golden arches might taste as good as the golden medals.